• Dillaro Salim

Yoga outdoor

The sun is shining and you prefer to stay outside as much as possible especially after long winter period. No problem! You can practice Yoga outside anywhere! Here some tips on how to do it.

  1. Spend time on worm out. Use different standing preparation sequence which we practice in our class. Good worm out of your body is the most important thing to prevent injuries.

  2. Keep your internal hit during all the practice by introducing in the sequence strong standing postures as modified Warrior 1, modified Warrio 2, Wario 3, Bhairavasana, Utkatanasana, Half Moon Hanumasana, Different One leg and Hand balances, Plank.

  3. Use the deep and slow Ujai Breath all the time and Mulabandha. All this will increase the fire in the body and keep it worm if the weather is not very worm.

  4. Use bench or chair as a prop for downfacing dog, cobra and other postures if it is rainy or very cold day or if you prefer to practice only standing postures.

  5. Use wide comfortable shoes if you practice without Yoga mat.

  6. Do not eat straight after the practice, drink water and eat 45 min later.

  7. If very strong wind avoid practice. Or if very sunny day avoid direct sunlight.

  8. If people start to stare at you it does not mean that they judge you may be on contrary they would like to join you. Ask them to join.

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