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Every Day like a New

When we were children every day was special and full of new discoveries. But with time day after day life become settled, predicted and get into it's unbreakable routine: job, diner with family, Yoga practice, reading and sleep time. Every body will have their own routine and may be more complicated than mine, but which colour every day with the same colours and you stop to notice how life is passing day after day with incredible speed without leaving any impression on your. This tendency especially amplified during quarantine. Have you noticed that winter turned into summer but we did not even realised it being locked inside the house. So how to make every day different form other? How to live fully this experience on Earth (here I mean plant Earth)?

Let's start from the childhood? What was different at that time why life was full of life and now just 30% or less?


The main ingredient of that happiness was exploration: new game or new challenge (climbing a 10 mitre tree for example), anything which would make you learn and knew something new. One could find that literately learning new skills is very exciting, new sport, new people, new movie, new food recipe, new song, new language, new tango movement, waw! So many things you can find to learn and master! It could be difficult or easy things or super challenging ones, it could be connected to what you do or absolutely new this depend on a person. The guidance is to find something enjoyable and set the plan to control the progress. You can explore many new things if it works for you.

But for some of us this will not work. :-(

Change Focus

Ok, if for some reasons (it could be lots of reasons) it is not for you to start new things, then you may find that just by shifting a focus, the same thing and the same activity become a new area to explore. For example have you noticed that if you focus on the sound during a walk it have different impression on you, the same mediation will be different if you focus on different aspect of it, the same practice of Yoga will be different practice if you shift awareness to different aspect of it, for example to bandhas. We will try to help you shift the focus on different things in our Yoga practice, so you could explore new dimensions of it. The same job will be different if you shift awareness to a creative aspect of it. The communication with children can become different if you shift your prospective and try to see the things from his eyes.

We think we explored the world and new everything what we need: but it is just laziness of mind which stops us to explore even more. The habit of exploring things in simple things and can ring to big discoveries (for example Newton's apple tree), it will become our new nature and will fill life with new meaning and joy as in the childhood.


Creation is another ingredient of happiness. Find something which will help you to realise you creativity. If you did not get used to create and never did it try to do it with simple things: photography, gardening or cooking It is so simple and have immediate results. Look at every activity which you do every day and focus on what you can create in it: new story for your children, new way of serving the table, educational video on something which you know very well, create new joke, new song, new poetry, new idea of how to get children do their homework! :-)

At the begging it will be very little and simple creations but with time you will find more lasting creations. And it really does not matter because the process of creation is so enjoyable.


What is the joy of creating if you can not share it with others? Yes you will be happy to eat you own cake or sing your new song alone but it worse to share it with friends and even public. It is a bit frightening but it is a part of enjoyment, get something to be shared with others, like now I am frighten to know your reaction when sharing my thoughts with you. Sharing is so natural thing for humans (many intelligent people made good money of it), there are so many ways to share these days. When you share beautiful photo of a sunset it is not just demonstration of your photographer skills but sharing your emotions, energy of that moment which inspired you to create the photo, it makes people close to you and magnify the happy moment by several times, when you receive feedback (in modern language it is called "like").

But there is another aspect of sharing it is giving. You give something to your family, friends, society. Giving without asking or expecting appreciation in return, without self-proud of what you have done, giving as a gift. And then there is no material price equivalent to efforts, love energy which you give. If you create something to give it away you will put most of you and best of you in this creation.

Hope this article will help you to find new happiness in everyday life! See you in my class later today.

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